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Townsville patios and outdoors

Townsville Tiling Services leads the best team of designers who possess years of experience in outdoor tiling, and with them, you can expect to get the best results. Our company gives you countless options, of which unglazed and glazed tiles are included. These two can pull off a vibe of beauty.

On one hand, glazed tiles are usually for accents in water fountains, walls and indoor pools. Meanwhile, unglazed are usually used for patio, verandas and decking, since they are not really known to cause slips. Whatever you choices will be, we will guarantee these:

  • Contemporary Outdoor Tiling Solutions

For your outdoor spaces, expect to enjoy it not only during summer,  but all-year round, and this is so, because our tile options feature the best resistance and strength to make sure that no chips and scratches will prevent it from lasting long.

  • Safe Options

When selecting your tiles, be sure to get those that are safe. If you have water and outdoor spaces, choose the tiles that are resistant to heat, slippage and other outdoor elements. Luckily, we also have those and more.

  • Tile Finishes

Usually, glazed tiles are for accents, but there are a lot of property owners who find them an appealing option for outdoor tiling. Townsville Tiling Services offers a wide range of glazed tiles that combine coarse sand with the glaze to make the tiles more tactile. Keep in mind that grout joints help lessen slippage in glazed tiles for as long as the tiles are small.

Achieve your dream outdoor area with beautiful and perfectly-installed tiles. Choose our tiling products and services at Townsville Tiling Services.