Townsville floor tiling

There is no denying that tiling is becoming popular in all indoor areas of the home, including the theatre or T.V. room, lounge room, dining and bedrooms.  Since dust gathers more in floor mats and carpet, tiles are way better alternatives to these carpeting, especially to those who have sensitive skin and allergies. Not only that, tiles are also cheaper and easier to maintain, more so for areas which easily get dirty all the time, like the main door, entryway or living room.

Townsville Tiling Services brings you the best floor tiling services and these:

  • Unparalleled Service Quality in Australia

When it comes to tiling, the quality in product and services is essential, and our company is recognised for bringing out the most amazing and professional results in tile installations, renovations, waterproofing, and repairs. Not only that, we provide property owners in Townsville, Queensland with design layouts, top-grade products, and unparalleled craftsmanship at reasonable prices.

  • Excellent Tilers for Any Size Flooring

If you need to have your toilet area to your entire home tiled, then we are the only company that can bring your vision to reality, and on our end, we always see to it that the safety standards and required professionalism are observed, regardless of what the size of the project is. Townsville Tiling Services is the specialists, having enough experience in residential and commercial tiling for all types of tile materials, such as:

  • Porcelain
  • Ceramic
  • Travertine
  • Slate
  • Marble
  • Stone
  • Granite ​

Townsville Tiling Services knows that family barbeques and the intimate get-together are some of the best ways to celebrate life and family. On that note, it is crucial that in choosing the right tiles, one must always take in the importance of functionality and visual aspects. So, we suggest using non-slip outdoor tiles for the porch and other floored areas as this gives you additional safety for you and the entire family.