Townsville Porcelain

Townsville Tiling Services can handle old tile removal in some areas, or totally remove the entire tiled section of your old bathroom. To go with it, we will provide a new look for your bathroom, which includes floor tiles, and with underfloor heating, wall tiles or feature wall tiles depending on your choice, and more:

  • Cohesive Tile Layout

Our bathroom tiling service can help incorporate other components of your bathroom in a cohesive way, and we can get you patterned tiling to fit the profile of your bathroom colour theme. ​

  • Classy Bathroom Tiling

Our tiles come in a wide range of colours and styles, and our floor tiling is designed to perfectly fit your existing bathroom with the right touch of elegance and class, transforming into one of the most relaxing rooms in the house.

At Townsville Tiling Services, all of our bathrooms are beautifully finished, durable and splash resistant, and this is made possible because of our glass, ceramic and natural stone tiles. Not only do they give off an aesthetically pleasing and fresh look, but they are also easy to clean and very adaptable. With that, bathroom tiling is the wisest choice for homeowners who are in need of a cost effective and attractive new bathroom floor.