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    Your one-stop shop for all your tiling needs in Townsville. If you are planning to have a new patio built or to have some areas of your home renovated, then we have the best selection of tiling services. We have porcelain tile installation, kitchen and bathroom tile installation, patio and outdoor, as well as floor tile installation. With these, you will guarantee to get the best investment for your home or business establishment.

    Thanks to our competent and qualified team that is backed up by years of industry experience, they can come up with a new, more modern look that can last for many years, and all members of our team are fully qualified and trained to perform the latest methods of floor and wall tiling, kitchen wall, paving, tile removal, stone work, and even waterproofing.


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    Apart from the safety measures that we observe during the process, the result of your tiling experience is what is important to us. It doesn’t matter if it’s your living room, bathroom, kitchen, outdoor entertaining area, pool or any other area, we will go the extra mile to make sure that everything is well thought out and executed.


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    You will have the peace of mind knowing that our services are efficient and cost-effective, and that our experts can do things right the first time. Our project managers will also give you clear direction and regular updates on what is needed to be done on your project. 


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    Before we begin with your project, one of our project managers will conduct a consultation with you to lay down a delivery time, which is inclusive of all aspects of the project from start to finish. Townsville Tiling Services is committed to getting things done on time. We also give out the free and detailed quotations. You can also expect that we comply with all workplace OH&S protocols.

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    Included in our consultation service, Townsville Tiling Services undertakes an on-site inspection of the areas to be tiled, assessing whether the floors and walls are levelled out and whether there are any hindrances that pose a danger.  

    Our many years of experience guarantee that all of our quotations, methods, and timeframes are given out professionally. The moment an agreement has been settled, our experts will schedule the project execution. 

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    Townsville Tiling Services aims to make each tiling project well put-together, and we can achieve that if we use the best quality of materials and services. With that, we also give you the best porcelain tiles for your entryway borders, bathrooms walls, dressing rooms, kitchens, and more!



    Townsville Tiling Services believes that the kitchen area is the centre of the home, and so, having it installed with high-grade tiles can do it justice. Regardless if you are in the search of having the best service providers to build a new house or considering renovating your existing home, then we are the company to call.


    Townsville Tiling Services wants only the best for you when it comes to tiling your bathroom. Despite being on a budget, our bathroom tiling services can be customised to meet your needs without sacrificing the quality. We know that there is nothing more frustrating than exerting all your time and money on tiles and hiring tradesmen to not get the outcome you are after. With us, all of our professionals are highly skilled.

    Patios & Pool Areas

    Townsville Tiling Services can transform your outdoor space to a fresher and new look through tile installations. If you are planning on remodelling an old floor, providing a landscape or creating a new look from scratch, then we have the expertise you need to pull off the most classy and functional outdoor spaces and patios.



    Regardless if you are renovating a home, needing that elegant vibe that will last for many years, or needing to have some areas of your house tiled, then you have come to the right place, because we offer property owners in Townsville, Queensland and in neighbouring areas with only the best selections of tiles. With us, you get to have quality tiling solutions, done by the best tilers with the experience and right set of skills, ultimately achieving outstanding results.

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    Are you looking for the best tile products and installers in Townsville? Get in touch with us at Townsville Tiling Services today. We have a lot in store for home and business owners like you.

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